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Sectional knives for easy handling

No Schumacher knife is longer than 2.60m

All Schumacher knives are sectional knives. This means that all knives longer than 2.50m are made up of two or three sections. Each section usually comprises the following elements:

  • the head including the knife head
  • one or more central sections
  • the end fitting
Sectional knives: easiest handling, easy shipping


No Schumacher knife is longer than 2.60m so it easily stores in a cardboard box.

Easy shipping saves time and money. The sectional knives (complete with head, centre and end fitting) are easy to handle and assemble.

Knife connector kit: quick and easy assembling


The assembly kit comprises a bar that joins the individual sectional knives plus the sections themselves. Precote bolts ensure tight fit.

The joining bar is bolted easily and dependably underneath the sections.

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