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The Schumacher Pro Cut section

Sharp sections in all harvest conditions

The knife sections on a combine are high-performance parts. Therefore, Schumacher developed the ProCut - the optimum section for cutting grain.

ProCut sections are available in three different toothings that cater for different harvest conditions:

  • Pro Cut fine toothing 14 tpi
  • Pro Cut large toothing 11 tpi
  • Pro Cut very large toothing 7 tpi

The Schumacher Pro Cut sections are fully hardened

Pro Cut MesserklingeThe Pro Cut sections are hardened throughout and their surfaces are galvanized so they will not bend when exposed to an overload. Instead they break, preventing any damage to the cutting system.

Pro Cut sections are clean

Gebrüder Schumacher Pro Cut sections have two elongated holes which allow dirt and debris to drop out so the system is kept clean and in good working order.                       

Conical and serrated bolt shaft for tight fit

SCH Zahnschraube The bolts that are used to attach the Pro Cut section have serrated and conical shafts for firm attachment to the knife. At the same time they make for easy replacement of the sections.



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