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Schumacher reels in the modular system

Easy assembly and use

Your harvesting success is also down to the proper installation of the reel. The reel helps feed the crop over the cutting system and to the header. The modular EasyReel from Schumacher offers significant benefits both in terms of design and use.


Stars that offer easy and flexible attachment

The 2-piece star has boots for easy fitting which eliminate the need for welding.

The stars can be fitted in any position and suit all widths.


Non-slip tine bar bearings

The tube-section tine bars offer quick and easy attachment/removal. The racers are split to prevent the tubes from slipping either horizontally or axially.
In sun flowers, it is possible to rotate the tubes through 180° and adjust the tines to various angles. KombiGrip tines or steel tines are available as an option.


Maintenance-free control

- easy tine angle adjustment


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