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Guards - the heart of the SCH cutting system

Schumacher guards offer extra stability

Designed for combine headers, the Schumacher guards offer an outstanding strength and stability.

Made from steel, the surface-hardened guards provide great elasticity and wear resistance so they can cushion impacts from foreign objects effectively.

The 'Schumacher Cut' results from a face-up/face-down configuration of two adjacent sections. This way, the sections cut on the top and bottom part of the guard, hence balancing opposed cutting forces. Moreover, wear on these counterblades is reduced by 50%.

Two counterblades – for effective cuts and superior control

Gebrüder Schumacher

Schumacher guards stand out for their typical box-section design that results in a horizontal gap which gives effective control to the sections and which is fundamental for implementing the specific 'Schumacher cut'.

Besides, the cutting edges are pointed and hardened for permanent sharpness and resistance to wear.

Double-bolted for maximum stability

Gebrüder Schumacher

The Schumacher guards are designed for top and bottom attachment to the angle bar, which results in excellent height control.

Wear plates are used to provide users the flexibility to adjust the EasyCut system to any angle bar and header type.

The guards serve various purposes on a combine header: Serving as scissor-like counterblades, they cut the stems as the two blades overlap. They also provide horizontal control for the sections as these move inside the gap; and last, they connect the sections to the angle bar.

A guard serves 3 purposes:

  • It is the counterblade of the section
  • It controls the section inside the gap
  • It connects the section to the angle bar


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