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Schumacher crop lifters for all harvest conditions

Crop lifter innovation since more than 45 years

Crop lifters have a long tradition at Schumacher. The first crop lifter, that Gustav Schumacher developed, represented the beginning of a successful engagement for headers and the founding of the Schumacher enterprise. Today, crop lifters  are essential in the harvest of different crops such as cereal and soy bean.
  • crop lifters for use in down crop
  • crop lifters for a controlled intake of stalks in the header

The crop lifter's work environment is shaped by power. Therefore, Schumacher crop lifters are improved continously and adapted to current high performing harvest machines. The following characteristics mark Schumcher crop lifters around the world: 

Strong form: high dimensional stability

ASK_crop_lifter The concave glide area gives the ASK secure floor guidance and high dimensional stability even under extreme harvesting conditions.

Strong glide dynamics: good maneurerability

ASK_crop_lifter The runner is now curved, which improves maneuverability and driving dynamics. 

A strong hold: takes pressure off the rivet in the mounting module


The first rivet in the mounting bag now has more ground clearance and experiences less wear. 

A strong profile: no displacement due to reel tine interference


The closed stalk-lifting profile keeps the reel tines from getting stuck when reversing. 


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