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Crop harvesting - a passion

Innovative ideas for crop cutting

Ensuring a successful harvest, starting with the first step of cutting the crops, has been the company’s main goal ever since it was founded in 1968. Gustav Schumacher, the founder of Gebr. Schumacher GmbH, was born to farmers in Eichelhardt in 1929. In 1956, he took over his parents’ farm, which also specialized in wage labor for barn harvesting and milk runs. With his purchase of a Claas Europa in 1958, Gustav Schumacher pioneered self-driving harvesting technology in the Westerwald region around Altenkirchen. His passion for new technology provided the foundation for his more than five decades of strong commitment and his crop-harvesting developments.

Innovative crop lifters

Gustav Schumacher received his first patent in 1965 for inventing the quick-release crop lifter. After that, he founded a crop-lifting company, then founded the company of the same name in 1968 with his brother Günter Schumacher. Further developments followed, including the steel double guard and the alternate-blade cutting system. Another company, EWM Eichelhardter Werkzeug- & Maschinenbau, was founded in 1978. Gustav Schumacher served on the Management Board of Gebr. Schumacher for 27 years, and numerous patents now bear his name. Schumacher's innovative products have been awarded the silver innovation prize from DLG three times.

Internationalization in the sector of AG Industry

In the mid-1990s, the company founders handed control of the two Eichelhardt companies over to the next generation, their sons. Fred and Heinz-Günter have kept the company on its successful path ever since. First they continued its internationalization by founding the associated companies in the United States, Brazil and Russia. Today, the corporate group’s organization is focused on its future activities, emphasizing global transparency and efficiency.

Gebrüder Schumacher newspaper article 1974, Rhein-Zeitung

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